Spiritual Poison

 It was a  95% nutritious apple that Snow White ate... it was that other 5% that got her!  I believe multiplied MILLIONS in our churches and our society are being spiritually poisoned... many in churches that have a mostly "nutritious" menu.    Check these out to see if you have been a victim.   I enjoy discussing these --  Sainttalk@cableone.net

1.  There are no absolutes.  Your truth is good for you; mine for me.  I would ask,  "Are you ABSOLUTELY sure?"  When you think it through, this is a self-refuting philosophy.    If red is green to you, please warn me of when you are going to be out in traffic.  Jesus said He IS the embodiment of truth, and truth sets us free.   These statements presume some absolutes.

2.  All people are basically good.  We should just follow our hearts.  Romans 3:23 says we are all sinners and Isaiah 64:6 says our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked.  (You don't have to teach babies to be selfish, to say  "no"... and later, to lie to get out of a fix.)

 3.  Mediums can contact our dead relatives.  Pretty popular now, but the Bible forbids this activity in Lev. 19:31 20:6, 27, & Deut. 18:10-12 and even says mediums were to be put to death.  The Bible indicates that the dead are normally unable to contact people on earth by any means.  The voices that mediums "hear" are probably demonic.  Fallen angels (demons) CAN be aware of certain information and POSE as dead relatives.    I  find it interesting that they do not ever speak specifically of where they are and whether there is or was a judgment, etc.   In the Bible story, the man's FIRST request (Luke 16) was to warn his family about the place in which he was being tormented.   If I were Satan...  (OK...I heard that comment!)   ...  I would WANT people to not feel any need to prepare for the afterlife.

4.  Some are born with a predisposition genetically to either homosexuality or lesbianism.  It can't be a sin if this is JUST the way I AM, can it?  I've got news... we are  ALL  born with the "sin"  gene... and that does not excuse our sinful actions.  We can choose.   For more on this:    Gay Gene

5.  The _____  Church is the ONE true church.  Insert  Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness (Organization) or Seventh Day Adventist in the blank (there are others).  Each one says in their own way that they are the only one.   The Bible's definition of the true church is that it is a SPIRITUAL entity that is not limited to what "label" one wears.   I Cor. 12:12 indicates that all who have been initiated into Christ  BY THE ACTION of the Holy Spirit  (not some man's action)  are a part of the body of Christ which is also called His church.  So all who have believed the true gospel (more on this later) and are trusting in the shed blood of Christ alone for salvation then receive this action of the Spirit (Romans 8:9),  are members of Christ's one true church.  The labels will all be gone when we stand before God. 

6.  Evolution is accepted as good science by most scientists.   The truth is there are MANY good scientists who reject this THEORY  (note... it is still a theory).  Google Youngearthscientists.org  They reject it not just because of religious reasons (though some are Christians)...but because the SCIENTIFIC FACTS do not support it.  Visit Back to Genesis, and Creation Research Institute (google them) for a WEALTH of information.  Three specific examples of this follow.

7.  The dinosaurs died out 64 million years ago.  Evidence suggests otherwise.  Google dinosaur bones, soft tissue.  

8.  Given enough time, macro-evolution (from one species to another) is possible.  Click here: Magic of Evolution
       So what?  People who think they came from animals are more likely to live like animals.   It makes a difference whether or not there is a
       God to whom we are accountable. 

9.  The universe is over 13 billion years old.  It ain't necessarily so.  Visit Creation.com/age-of-the-earth


It has been said that all false religions (supposedly Christian as well as non-Christian) have this error in common! 

Read carefully and be warned.   

10.  Though for Christians, SALVATION involves faith in Christ,  that is not enough.  You can be saved from hell and God's wrath by a repentant faith in Christ's sacrifice... but then, you MUST... to stay saved... obey this list or that set of rules, or at least keep the commandments in the Bible.  Why is this poison?   Galatians 5:4 spells it out.   "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whoever of you are justified by the law (in other words, by rule-keeping); ye are fallen from grace."

 I do believe being saved changes us so we want to follow God, but we are talking here about REQUIREMENTS to fulfill  to stay right with God...or else!   Here are the specifics of some major groups:

          Roman Catholic salvation problems - Click here

          Mormon salvation problems  - Mormonsinshock.com has several articles, one on the 3 degrees of glory myth.

          Jehovah's Witness salvation problems  Click here: JWsalvation

          The "Insecurity" Error (involves several denominations)  Click Here

A missing teaching with all such groups is the doctrine of Imputed Righteousness.  Not familiar with it?  Click here. 


It is PRIDE that says...maybe THEY have been deceived, but not me.  I KNOW  I haven't been tricked.   Such a closed minded stance means you are EXACTLY where Satan wants you to be in your thinking.   Scripture says we are to test and "prove" all things and be sure where we stand. 

Better check these things out!


Do you disagree with what has been said? Let's talk about it!