It is true! There are books, tracts, videos, movies, and dozens of websites all "picking on" Mormons.   WHY?   The Bible does say the true church will be persecuted.  Is that the reason?  This article presents main reasons, with the first the lesser in importance?

"Who started it?"   Could it be that these critics from other churches are simply DEFENDING themselves against an attack made on them by Mormons?  What attack?  The claim that "there was a total apostasy and the churches (non-Mormon) are false."  This is being taught every day all around the world in the Mormon Missionary Lessons. To make matters worse, the historic "false" churches have been identified  in the Book of Mormon (I Nephi 13)  as the "Whore of Babylon."  and the church of the devil!  Mormons are saying that within 100 years of the time of Christ most followers of Christ turned away from the true gospel, important truths were lost or corrupted, God's authoritiy was lost,  and the true church actually DIED OUT (a total  or universal apostasy) until it was restored in 1830. 

So everybody's wrong/false but Mormons? ?  THAT is quite an attack, wouldn't you say?  But the important question is...   IS IT TRUE?     Think about it:  If these charges are true, we should all be Mormons...but if they are not, they should be exposed as false attacks against the other churches....and nobody has any reason to be a Mormon!

It is true that throughout history there have been apostasies, i.e. people turning away from the truth, and that is prophecied in the Bible.  BUT it seems a bit absurd to believe that everyone would have turned away. (There were 20,000 plus believers living in dozens of locations by the time of the end of the book of Acts.)   Even if there was a total apostasy, can you believe that God was so unjust, uncaring, slow, or limited that He didn't revive His  "dead" church for some 1600 plus years, as Mormons teach?

Note an important distinction: Apostasy vs. Total Apostasy.  While the Bible does speak of apostasy, there is NO scripture that speaks of a TOTAL apostasy of the early church, and the difference between the two would be a diminished church vs. a deceased church!  That's a BIG difference! A diminished church would need no restoration!

WAS TRUTH LOST?  Psalm 100:5 says  this:  "and His truth endureth to all generations."  And in Matthew 16:18 Christ says this:  "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  I Peter 1:23-25 and Isaiah 40:8 also both indicate truth was NOT lost.

WAS AUTHORITY LOST?   Jesus said in Matt. 28:18-20 that in HIM was and is ALL authority, and that He was going to be with His followers until the end of the world.   Interestingly,  a story in the Book of Mormon supports this promise of continuing authority.   In III Nephi 28 it alleges that Christ told 3 of His disciples that they would continue to live on earth until He returned, bringing men to Christ and to the church.   So HOW COULD THERE HAVE BEEN a loss of authority if that story is true?  For further study on these two issues, click here.

The total apostasy charge is not the ONLY reason Christians are speaking out about Mormonism.  There is a more significant reason to speak up!   If its teachings were just "minor differences" in faith such as the differences between Baptists and Presbyterians, for example, we should just be silent and let God deal with these things.  But a MAJOR issue can mean the difference between spiritual life and death, and ...

someone needs to warn Mormons that the doctrinal differences are NOT minor!  

They are spelled out in the following articles: My  home page.,   True Gospel or False Gospel ,  Are Mormons Christians?  ,  and Facts and Feelings: Evaluating the Book of Mormon.    The LOVING thing to do is WARN  Latter-day Saints of spiritual danger!  For me, to FAIL to do this would be to disobey God.  PLEASE check out the issues!

IF the Mormon church is not the restored church and thus it is not the only "true" church... then WHICH CHURCH   IS   THE TRUE CHURCH? 

For a Biblical answer to that,  Click here.