SEVEN MORMON MYTHS                   

Don't fall for them   Be warned.  Some of them are heaven/hell issues!


MYTH 1.  Joseph Smith was a prophet from God.

THE TRUTH:     Joseph Smith was a FALSE prophet.  Click Here  for a partial list of his false prophecies.


MYTH 2.  There are  "three degrees of glory" (meaning that most all people have a good destination in their future).

THE TRUTH:   Your name is either in the Book of life (Rev. 21:24-27) and your destiny God's presence or your name is NOT in the book of life (Rev. 20:15) and your destiny will be the lake of fire.  Jesus said many go the way of destruction but few find life.  (Matt. 7:13-14)  For a complete study of the 4 standard works on this subject of the 3 degrees of glory,  click here.   Note that even the LDS  Doctrine and Covenants presents only two destinies in D & C 101:64-66.  This warm fuzzy distortion of what awaits mankind is a DEADLY DOCTRINE. 


MYTH 3.  There was a total apostasy, and the LDS Church is the restored church (restored authority) -- thus the only true church on earth.

THE TRUTH:   There could not have been a total apostasy if the LDS scripture,  III Nephi 28, is true, for the authority of 3 ever-living apostles (or disciples) authorized to bring men to Christ until He would return is described.  

    Additionally, the Bible indicates  the CONTINUANCE of truth, authority and the church.  Click here  for a detailed study on this subject.


MYTH 4.  The Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus and complements (agrees with) the Bible.

 THE TRUTH:  Many of its teachings that agree with the Bible do not fit with current LDS teachings, and some of its significant teachings disagree with the Bible.  For a detailed study on this topic, click here


MYTH 5.   The Gospel is a set of laws and ordinances to obey in order to attain God's best for us.

THE TRUTH:   The Biblical "Gospel"  is spelled out in I Cor. 15:1-4 and has no  "laws or ordinances" in it!  It is the message that Christ died in our place, taking the punishment for the full forgiveness of all our sins.   It isn't about OUR performance, it is about the sufficiency (propitiatory value) of CHRIST's shed blood.   For more on this subject, click here


MYTH 6.  To attain God's presence, we must be worthy by our obedience to all that God has revealed for us to do.  

THE TRUTH:   Such a concept on the surface sounds good and right.  Jesus even mentioned this idea.   But the rest of the story is that such a plan (as the conversation with Jesus showed) is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE plan of salvation, and is a denial of the very meaning of the word grace, which refers to getting something you did not earn and do not deserve.  Click here for study on this topic.


MYTH 7.   The way to know the truth about such things is to read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray for God to show you through what has been termed a  "burning in the bosom", which amounts to emotional feelings or experiences.

THE TRUTH:    IF such a plan was the right way to know what is true .... then we would have to conclude that either all religions may be right, or none of them are...depending on whose feelings/experiences one accepts as valid.    Experiences have led some to become Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, and perhaps most any other religion you can name.  Experiences I have heard about also led some to reject Mormonism as false.   Not everyone who reads the Book of Mormon comes up with the same conclusion, even those who are very sincere!

So what IS the way to know spiritual truth?  Jesus said  "Thy Word is truth".   It is an OBJECTIVE message that Satan (thru the gateway of feelings or experiences) cannot mess up.  Satan is a clever counterfeiter, but, to illustrate, the more familiar one is with genuine money.... the better able one will be to spot the counterfeit money.  I would be willing to discuss these things with any who wish to do so.  Contact me at