The Gay Gene

   I didn't have to look very far to figure out whether this item exists in us. Just googled gay gene and found that the studies show that the gay gene has NOT been found. Studies of identical twins (if there was a gay gene) ought to have shown that invariably, both twins have the same sexual preference. Bottom line: they do not show that. The conclusions are that a variety of factors leads to the gay choice.


I googled ex-gays and found the stories of numerous former gay persons who have now found that with God's help they can live a normal, heterosexual life. Many are happily married and have children of their own. A common theme in their testimonies is that they are speaking up because they were lied to about the gay gene, and felt they were forever stuck with the problem. That is one reason I think that this is something worth addressing, not running away from. The other reason is that if such a gene existed, it would make the Bible's categorization of homosexuality as a sin in error. That is not the case.


Now... let me come out of the closet and say I have a sin-gene, and so does everyone else. That sin-gene manifests through a large variety of SYMPTOMS, including (for various people), worry, fear, selfishness, unforgiveness, doubt of God's character, anger, jealousy, alcoholism, drug addiction, rebellion, and....shall I go on? But I have overcome that genetic flaw by faith in Jesus Christ, who helps me have victory over my particular symptoms. I now have a NEW nature and a new identity    As a follower of Christ, I have a promise, and it is that there is NO SIN that I can't overcome through Christ. I Corinthians 10:13   That would include the "gay" sin. For someone who has given himself or herself a LABEL of gay or alcoholic or selfish or whatever... I would just say that no one needs to let our sins or temptations DEFINE US. What I do and what tempts me is not WHO  I am  As a Christian I define myself (and the Bible defines me) as God's beloved child who He even calls a saint. (This even though I am not perfect.) Homosexuality is not a nature nor an identity, but a temptation that  may or may not lead to an action. One is not a homosexual until they indulge in the sexual sins involved with that label.

I Cor. 6:11 identifies SAINTS as people who WERE homosexuals -- but they were not doing that any longer. I have a gripe against the 12-step programs that make people say I AM an alcoholic no matter how long they have been on the wagon. That is a false identity. Many drawn into the gay lifestyle have had domineering mothers, a life-crisis, a wrong sexual encounter, or a combination of these. I realize some guys act like gals...and vice versa,  and that does indicate a stronger temptation for such a person... but it is not a "gene" that justifies sin.