APE TO MAN?   About that 2% Difference?


The scientists may be right in saying there is only a 2% difference between some apes and humans.  But here is the rest of the story.


We have 3 billion code letters in our DNA, and they are all in order, like an instruction book.   If we wish to evolve an ape into a man this translates to changing 2% of the code, or in other words making 60 million changes, ALL IN THE PRECISE PLACE IN THE CODE for the change to be an upgrade rather than a downgrade.   I am not a scientist but have heard that in the DNA there is a sort of editor mechanism that goes over newly formed DNA copies and edits them for mistakes and CHANGES those mistakes.   Given that function which in itself is quite miraculous, I'd say the chances of an ape evolving into a man are just plain zero.