It's true... I'm a for-real Baptist (first and foremost a Christian), yet I believe the Book of Mormon in the following statements that it makes. Why?  Because all that is listed below AGREES with the Bible.   What's the catch?   Check it out below... in each of the statements from the Book of Mormon, you will find the Mormon church does NOT currently believe or agree with what the Book of Mormon says! ! ! !


The logical outcome of this problem is that the Book of Mormon's Moroni 10:4-6 test to pray about the Book of Mormon would lead NOWHERE... believe it and the Bible but not the Mormon church?   Why?  More below. 


I believe God dwells in men's hearts as it says in Alma 34:3 because this agrees with John 14:17,23

   BUT the LDS church does not believe this...D&C 130.3.


I believe there is only one God as Alma 11:22, 26-29 teaches because Isa. 43:10 and 44:6 says the same...

   BUT the LDS church teaches instead many Gods (J of D Vol. 7, p. 333.) i.e. a law of eternal progression.


I believe God is creator of ALL as it says in Mosiah 4:9 (Cp. Gen. 1:1, John 1:1 - 3)

   LDS believe God, as a man, lived in a world created by someone else; Hunter, Gospel Through the Ages, p. 104


I believe God is unchangeable from all eternity as it says in Moroni 8:18 (Cp. Psalm 90:2, James 1:17).

   LDS believe God progressed; Teaching of Prophet, J. S., p. 345-6. ("As man is, God once was.")


I believe God is a spirit; Alma 19:25, 22:9 (Cp. John 4:24, Luke 24:39).

   LDS believe in a Physical God; D &; C 130:22.


I believe Mary conceived via Holy Spirit; Alma 7:10 (Cp. Luke 1:35).

   LDS believe Mary conceived via the (physical) Father; J of D, Vol. 1, p. 50; Mormon Doct. p. 742.


I believe one is born again before baptism; Alma 36:23 (Cp. Acts 10:45-58, 16:31, John 1:12, I Cor. 1:14-18).

   LDS believe one is born again BY baptism; Mormon Doctrine, by McConkie, topic Baptism.


I believe Hell is not temporary or escapable for any; Alma 41:12-15, 42:16, III Nephi 27:16-17 (Cp. John 3:36, Rev. 20:12, 21:8, 22:11-12).

   LDS believe Hell is escapable & temporary for most; D & C 76:91-119.


I believe in Two destinations only, as taught in II Nephi 14:34-35, II Nephi 2:27, Mosiah 2:39-41, Alma 42:16 and other places as well. (Cp. Revelation 21:15 and 21:24-27)
   LDS believe in 3 degrees of glory; D&C 76., BUT -- see D & C 101:65-66


NOW...the rest of the story is there are many teachings in the Book of Mormon I do not agree with and many things in the rest of the "package" of LDS teachings I disagree with, as they contradict the Bible. I realize LDS have been told the Book of Mormon agrees with the Bible...but in several significant ways, it does not. 

The Bible Says

Book of Mormon Says

Good works are the result of having been saved; Eph. 2:8-10, John 3:16, I John 5:13.

Good works are part of the means of being saved; Mosiah 4:6-7.

Total obedience is impossible. Christ's righteousness, not ours, saves us; Rom. 3:10, 4:4-6, 5:17-19; Phil. 3:9.

Total obedience is required for salvation; Mosiah 5:5, Moroni 10:32.

The church was founded and built by Christ; Matt. 16:18-19.

The church began before Christ came; Mosiah 18:17.

The church foundation included apostles and prophets; Eph. 2:20.

The church was founded without apostles and prophets; Mos. 18:17, 23:16.

First outpouring of Holy Spirit was in 33 A.D.; John 7:37-39, 16:7; Acts 2.

Holy Spirit outpoured before Christ came; Mosiah 25:24.

The Holy Spirit abides with us forever; John 14:16, Heb. 13:5, Eph. 1:13-14.

Holy Spirit leaves some; III Nephi 18:11, Moroni 4:3.

God isn't the author of sin; I Cor. 14:33, James 1:13.

Adam forced to sin to reproduce (as commanded); II Nephi 2:25.

Skin color isn't related to spiritual state; Gal. 3:28-29, Num. 12:1, 10.

Dark skin = cursed race. II Nephi 5:21-22, Alma 3:6, III Nephi 2:15, Jacob 3:8.

One additional issue is the I Nephi 13's statements about gospel truths and covenants being lost.  This is a FOUNDATIONAL issue because it makes a way for the Book of Mormon's existence.  But the Bible says truth was NOT lost -- see Psalm 100:5, Matt. 5:18 and 24:35, I Peter 1:21-23.  No lost truth, no need for 'restored' truth.  This, I would say, is an all-or-none issue.


The Moroni 10:4 TEST says to pray and ask God with a sincere heart and He will show you whether the Book of Mormon is "not true" ...  Look -- this is as flawed a test as the old question, "Have you stopped beating your wife?". The only way such a test could work is if the prayer was about individual teachings, not the whole package.  The BIBLICAL way to test a new revelation is stated in Isaiah 8:20... it must agree in the teachings with the existing revelations.  As you can see above, the Book of Mormon does NOT agree with the Bible.

Contraductions between ANY of the LDS 4 standard works =  utter CONFUSION.   I can only conclude that first and foremost, I  do  NOT  believe in the Moroni 10:4 prayer-test.  Nor can I accept the Book of Mormon as inspired any more than I would pass on an apple that was found to have 20% poison mixed in with the nutritional value in it.  A

All Mormons have a choice to make... should they accept the Book of Mormon statements or the church statements?  For me the issue is simple because I choose to believe the Bible is the final authority.

Therefore I believe the Book of Mormon teaches SOME true teachings --  wherever it does agree with the Bible I believe THOSE teachings; the rest... I reject. I do not write this to condemn, but to lovingly WARN of spiritual danger.


Just what spiritual danger is there in Mormonism? The True Gospel or False gospel article spells it out.

 Another big issue is the false prophecies of Joseph Smith.  Click here here to read them.


I am more than willing to discuss all of these things...   

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