Q  OK... here is a Bible contradiction. God forgives all our sins, Acts 13:39, but then in the gospels we find Jesus saying if you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, there is no forgiveness ever.

A   Always look at the verses before and after a given passage. They decide what is being said. The type of sin spoken of in the context of Matt. 12:31 is people saying Christ's power as he acted on earth came from the Devil. The SPIRIT in Christ, empowering Him, was being blasphemed. Once Christ returned to heaven, this sin became impossible because ... who in this age would be saying Christ's EARTHLY POWER came from the Devil, since we are not eyewitnesses to His actions. (It is easier to deny Him on some other level, for those who wish to do so...because attributing his MIRACLES to anyone implies He DID miracles.) Thus... so long as we meet the requirements stated in other scriptures (to repent and believe) there is NO sin that cannot and will not be forgiven.