"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13.

There's plenty of evidence that the God of the Bible exists and is active in our world now! The problem is, we see what we WANT to see. Some do not WANT that Judge to be there at the end of the road. They don't want someone controlling their life. Such persons will dismiss the matter now convincing. But honest, wholehearted seekers will find the truth here, as the verse above promises.. We will not discuss "Which God?" simply because there IS NO OTHER "GOD" who has shown himself in the many ways described below.


This phenomenon is to this writer a MOST convincing evidence...thus it is presented first. In the late 1990's a prayer group was formed that influenced Christians all over the U.S. to pray for the part of the world above the equator that was the least "Christian", and the prayer movement was geographically related to the "10-40 Window" of the world(latitude). I believe this phenomenon has occurred in answer to those united prayers for salvation of people in those areas of the world, primarily the Muslim world.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Asian and Muslim countries of the world have been having and are still having dreams and visions, and they are strikingly similar. It is almost always a man in white who appears to them, and He says a variation of the same thing to them: "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the father (God) but by me," Many who have the vision do not even realize at first that it is Jesus speaking (these are His words as found in John 14:6). As a result of this repeated vision, many many thousands are coming to Christ. Because leaving the Muslim religion can mean persecution or death, many have yet to come, but based on one book's estimate (MegaShift, by James Rutz) this has affected perhaps as many as a million people. When I first read it I could hardly believe it. Was I being gullible to think this could be happening? But since reading it a decade ago, I have heard the following corroboration: The TV show, The 700 Club, has told of the same phenomenon repeatedly; Campus Crusade for Christ has also mentioned it; FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) which does Christian radio broadcasting has told of it (they get letters); and just Campus Crusade verifies it; recently at my church I met a Missionary Aviation Fellowship missionary (the organization headquarters is in our town of Nampa, Idaho) who told me that in Asia he had had people come up to him on the street and ask him what the meaning of their vision was! I was elated to hear it with my own ears! God IS alive and active in our world!

   As an update I JUST heard a missionary to Iraq indicate that the visions happen there and many become secret believers because it is dangerous to tell EVEN a spouse about it or there could be serious consequences.  Some who have become brave enough to tell a family member OFTEN are surprised to learn that the spouse has had a similar dream or vision (some have them night after nite) and that both family members have become secret believers!  God unites families in this way with the truth.  AMAZING!


Picture a couple walking on a deserted seashore and coming across a moving mini-robot that danced, sang, did flips and recited the pledge of allegiance and the Gettysburg address, among other things.  On closer examination one finds under one metal arm-pit a mini-book -- a manual of instructions (you'd have to magnify it greatly to read it) on how to build such a robot.   Would the couple say...what a coincidence or happy accident of nature?   No... instruction manuals do not write themselves.   The human DNA is an instruction manual of some 32 billion organized, sequential letters and is in my opinion the handwriting of God found in every living species.  

The complexity of just the human cell is staggering.  In a cell we have all the following activities taking place: generation of energy, protein manufacture, designation of function of those proteins, packagine of certain mulecules for use, managing the transfer of dna information to rna and beyond, disposal of waste, growth, repair, protection of the cell and reproduction.  To imagine such interdependent activities coming together all at once on ANY level in any species way back when is ridiculous.  The simplest of such a cell would also need many thousands of "characters" of DNA writing...all in order, without one mistake in it.  Mathematicians have figured the odds on such a thing happening including the chirality factor, and the odds are far far FAR beyond the level of "simply impossible."    



Two Fulfilled Prophecies that prove God knew and predicted the future. These are not Nostradamus-type fuzzy guesses. They are specific...right down to the EXACT DAY in their fulfillment.

Daniel 9:27 Speaks of God's timetable with the nation of Israel being 69 years plus 1 year, with each year representing 7 years (see Lev. 25:3-10 and Gen. 29:27 where the idea of weeks representing years is given.) The prophecy states that the beginning point for the 69 years would be from the going forth of the command to rebuild the temple, which command was given on March 14th, 445 B.C. After the 69 weeks it says Messsiah the Prince would be cut off, and after that the city (Jerusalem) and sanctuary (temple) would be destroyed (which occurred in 70 AD). When we multiply 69 x 7 we get 483 years, but we must use the Jewish calendar of 360 day years to make the end date accurate. The end date of April 6, A.D. 32, was the exact day Jesus rode into Jerusalem to present Himself as Messiah, and within a week of that date, he had died. On that day he told his disciples that if the people did not praise him, the rocks would cry out to do it. Luke 19:40-42 also tells us that on THAT day, He said this: "If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now are they hid from thine eyes."


Ezekiel 4 tells us of the prophet Ezekiel being told to act out publically a prophecy-picture of God's punishment of the nation of Israel. He lay on his side 390 days plus 40 days to signifiy punishment for sin, with each day representing a year. But a second scripture comes into play here. In Leviticus 26 God also told Israel that if they sinned, and did not repent after punishment that He would multiply their punishment SEVEN TIMES. Israel DID disobey God and WAS punished for a 70 year time period by being taken captive to Babylon, and that punishment/captivity began in the year 536 B.C. At the end of 70 years they were released, in that they were free to return to their native land. But most of them did not return in order to resume the temple sacrifices in Israel which God required....they did NOT (as a whole) repent. Thus the 536 starting date became the beginning of a "seven times" punishment. Because 70 years of this punishment was already completed (God did not exact a double punishment), we subtract 70 from the 390 + 40 object lesson days, which leaves 360 years of punishment to be multiplied by the SEVEN TIMES warning. This gives us a time period of 2520 years. These must be calculated in Jewish years, of 360 days each. Allowing a 1 year adjustment for the transition from B.C. to A.D., (zero is not a year, only a dividing line in the changeover), the date for the end of God's punishment of Israel comes out to May 15, 1948....the exact date Israel legally became a nation!



The scripture above suggests that we can know God if we come to Him openly, humbly, whole-heartedly seeking Him.  Testimonies of lives changed are in the millions.   Those who question whether God exists are looking in from the outside.  I say, come on in, the water's fine.

Of course, if He is God, He made us and owns us and to come honestly to Him, we must come acknowledging He is in charge. This issue of control keeps many from wanting God in their life. The fact is, He wants to be close to you more than you want to be close to Him. But what is the alternative?

He will either be your Judge or your Savior from judgment. Let's think about the judgment scene. If we just take a look at the 10 commandments (and the Bible has more than 10 to follow!), we are in big trouble. The first commandment is about making God first and most important. Jesus expanded on it in the New Testament by saying we are to love God with ALL our heart, soul, strength and mind! It is impossible to be THAT "in love" with God if we are honest about what is in our heart and mind all day long every day! And shall we count up our lies? How many total? And what about taking God's name in vain...blasphemy? We may have never killed anyone but we are told that HATING someone is as bad as killing them in God's estimation; and looking on someone with lust is as bad as commiting that sin, we are told too. And did you know there are commands relating to our THOUGHT life too? *Scripture references below* How are we doing?

We have only two options -- being with God and Christ forever in the new heaven and earth, or hell followed by the lake of fire (after the judgment day). According to Rev. 20:15 and 21:24-27 there can be no other options than these two. We certainly need to get out of this fix, because James 2:10 says that even if we only broke ONE of the rules, we stand before God as guilty as if we had broken them all! In other words, it is PERFECTION or bust! (Matt. 5:48) We are ALL busted! The Bible says so in Rom. 3:23.

But God WANTS to forgive, and in order to be fair in doing that, He allowed Jesus Christ (God, the Son) to be killed in order to pay for all our sins. Jesus has done the hard part. We are now told that if we are willing to BELIEVE He did that on the cross for US (OUR OWN SINS), we can have that act applied to OUR sins by coming to God humbly and repentantly (willing to change and follow God) and simply asking God for that gift of forgiveness. This personal encounter with God will change your life. It has changed the lives of hundreds of millions around the world! It is simple, but profound in its effects. The very best way to KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is real is to seek this forgiveness, and He will give it and in Spirit form, come into your life and change it from the inside out. Then you will know God is real.

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