No, no date-setting here.   But there are so many Bible prophecies that are being seems to me that it MUST be a matter of a few years.  While I am listing the signs more or less in order of importance (as I see it), I will also refer you to another site that goes into more detail than this one if you want more information. That site is:

1. The Mark of the Beast See Rev. 13:16-18 Chip implants signal the mark in the hand or forehead. Jack Van Impe (television evangelist) has stated that at the June 2008 meeting of the Bilderbergs a part of their set goal was to have the whole world ID'd with microchips by 2017. Whether or not they meet that goal... the fact that the technology is here and this group seems to have our leaders in their back pocket (Obama, Clinton and McCain all attended the last Bilderberg meeting), tell how powerful this group of one-worlders is. (Google the name Bilderberg to see that they do exist.) This group and others working in connection with it including the Club of Rome, are also planning to expand the European Union into a world-wide organization with TEN regional sections. This seems to be a fulfillment of Rev. 13:1 and Daniel 7:20.

2. The lineup of Israel's enemies.   Russia a powerful enemy of Israel (Ezekiel 37 & 38 identify this nation as Israel’s enemy). It was not powerful enough for this 70 years ago. China is now big enough with its military strength to provide the 200 million troops mentioned in Rev. 9:16 (this prophecy must have sounded ludicrous at the time it was given!) Many other enemies exist who will align themselves with China and Russia, such as Iran. Psalm 83:4, Zech 14:2

3. The dried up Euphrates. Rev. 16:12 (A dam system now exists to easily enable this to occur)

4. Israel's temple. The "abomination of desolation" spoken of by the prophet Daniel occurs in God’s temple. This is something brought into God’s temple to desecrate or pollute it. Though the temple has not yet been rebuilt, plans to do so are being prepared, furniture for it has been made, donations for costs are being collected, priests who would serve in it are being trained. The Sanhedrin which historically functioned in the temple, is now a functioning body again. While the Dome of the Rock is NEAR where it should be rebuilt, the actual site (where the earlier temple was) is apparently about100 meters away from it. Israel is waiting for a better political climate to proceed with plans, but has a portable version of it ready to put up quickly.


5.  (The following are all from Matt. 24)

   A. False Christs (Jim Jones, David Koresh, Sun Yung Moon, for example?)

   B. Wars, rumors of wars, nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom

   C. Earthquakes in various places  It has been reported that earthquakes over 6.0 in 1901-1910 numbered 36, and in 1990-2000 they numbered 62, but in 2001-2010 they numbered 425.  

   D. Famines and plagues, pestilences (Aids, malaria, bubonic plague, pandemics,       anthrax, West Nile virus, bird flu, swine flu,)

   E. Followers of Christ hated, persecuted, killed, betrayed by family (this is    commonplace in third world countries, 180,000 martyrs per year is the reported number)

   F. Some followers of Christ turn away from Him

   G. False prophets mislead many people

   H. Lawlessness

   I. People’s love grows cold (consider recently: parents who kill or allow their children to be killed, senseless murders of strangers)

   J. Christ’s salvation message preached throughout the world to all nations, and "then the end will come" ( While there are yet many people groups who do not know of Christ, the finishing of this task could occur as it did in the BEGINNING of the Church age, by use of the gift of "tongues" - people being enabled to speak the message in languages they have never learned.) This phenomenon is occurring at times -- see the book, Mega-Shift by James Rutz

   K. Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies at one point. (This prophecy PRESUMED Israel would be a nation at a time when it was not.) It will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. This has been the case.

   L. Roaring of the seas and waves, (tsunamis)

   M. Dismay among nations, perflexity, men fainting from fear because of what’s happening

   N. The powers of the heavens will be shaken; terrors and great signs from heaven

- - - - - -

6.   Israel regathered, and it becomes a nation in 1948 (70 years ago many prophecies would have made no sense with no "nation" of Israel in a geographic location to be fought against) Ezekiel 38:8

7. Nuclear technology makes sense out of the prophecies of Joel 2:, Zech 14:12 Ezekiel 38:22

8. The seas of our world already have 150 "dead" places where no life can exist. One of them is 27,000 square miles in size... this is seen in Rev. 7:2 (Curtain going up?)

9. America no longer a superpower because a WORLD power (the antichrist) forces the mark of the beast on ALL.- America is in DEEP economic trouble, political entities threaten our independence as well, from both within and without.

10. The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are: world leader arises, widespread murder (no peace), famine, and death on a large scale...all of these are entirely possible in the next decade. (Widespread hunger, famine, and death are ALREADY occurring on a massive scale in 3rd world countries.)

11. A glorious sign: The church age began in Acts 2 and following, with a BANG... multiplied thousands saved, and many miracles accompanying. Joel 2 indicates the END of the age will also be spectacular. I see this ALREADY happening now in 3rd world countries. For details on this get the book, Mega Shift, by James Rutz ( The things he has reported I consider to the the most AMAZING reading I have EVER read! If I spelled it out, you would find it hard to believe, but the book is well documented. GOD IS ON THE MOVE IN A SPECTACULAR WAY!

NEVER in all of history have all these "props and players" been in readiness for the next "Act of God"! "Just how many more signs do we know He’s coming VERY soon?" Are you ready?


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