Wikepedia definition:

"Pandeism (or pan-deism) combines aspects of pantheism and deism.  It holds that the creator of the universe actually became the universe, and so ceased to exist as a separate and conscious entity... The word pandeism is a hybrid blend of the root words pantheism and deism, combining Ancient G (Pan - all)  with Latin deus - god.  It was perhaps first coined in the present meaning in 1859 by Moritz Lazarus and Heymann Steinthall."  (These were two German philosophers.)

Pandeism purports to account for all supernatural events in our world. It purports to have a superior answer to of all past evil (You-tube videos can easily be accessed which verify this information) by attributing all past wars to various "faiths" rather than the sinners who did not practice their faiths in terms of good principles within their faiths. (Jesus taught us to love our enemies.)

It purports to be a philosophy of peace because any bad you do you will later experience to the same degree and any good you do you will later experience to the same degree. But this "karma" idea has not prevented wars. poverty, injustice or any other sins against humanity in the past. Humans have proven themselves to be sinful and selfish NO MATTER WHAT LIST OF RULES YOU GIVE THEM! The afterife to a pandeist is just a sowing/reaping that has long been a tenet of Christianity, but without the Jesus Christ who offers salvation.

The pandeist denies that the creator and the creation are two separate entities...the painter becomes his painting. We share in godhood. They have no good answer to the "why?" question. They suggest the creator will learn from the people he created by sharing/experiencing their experiences and reactions. But does one powerful enough to CREATE creatures with otions/responses/will, etc... need to "learn" from his creation? The Bible SEPARATES the creation from the creator and calls creation-worship (we are gods) a SIN in Romans 1:25.  Another unanswered question is this: Why no communication from this creator before he went into rules hints? That seems pointless, if not cruel. Why has this one who had the power to prevent evil or control it in the world not given any deterrent to longstanding statements that "what you sow you reap", as the God of the Bible did.. Pandeists have no understanding of the fallen, selfish, sin-bent hearts of all humans.

Pandeists suggest the heaven/hell options of Christianity are too black and white. They ignore the fact that the Bible teaches degrees of punishment for sinners and levels of reward for Christians within those two destinations.(Rev. 20:15, Matt. 11:22)

The Pandeist view is based on presuppositions that cannot be proven. God just left us to figure this all out for many thousands of years? Why is this such a NEW idea? Pandeists indicated 2010 and 2012 as key years for the "ism". By what power or authority did the Pandeism idea come into being? What verifies its truth? Anyone can also SAY (for example) "martyrs for their faith will get 72 virgins in heaven". That does not make it so.

For a pandeist the all-important question to ask is this: Who was Jesus Christ? Even non-Biblical evidence indicates He DID exist. (See footnotes.) Was He a deceived, deceiving man or God in human form, telling us that the creator is not the creation, and that HE is the only way to escape punishment for sin. If He is not who he claimed to be, Pandeism is OK to believe in. But if Christ proved He was God in human form, pandeists are going to be accountable for ignoring God's revelations of Himself through the Bible and through Christ. Christ proved by miracles and by the resurrection from the dead that He was God in human form! (Search for "resurrection evidences" on line) One cannot honestly say "God has said nothing" when the Bible is riddled with "Thus saith the Lord" statements. Further, there are many many fulfilled prophecies in the Bible that verify it is a supernatural book.  But there is nothing authoritative to authenticate the ideas of Pandeists....they just came from someone's mind. What makes THIS idea any better than any other? Some folks like "great pumpkin" theology... anything wrong with that one?

If Christ is not who He claimed to be, I, as a Christian will STILL have a good afterlife because as a follower of Christ, I have done a LOT of good things for people....and have held firmly to my deepest beliefs (based on all the information I had). No legitimate "deity" would suggest that course was wrong without TELLING us so. (This would be a denial of the pandeist version of karma). What other guidance did this pandeistic ghost offer? But consider: If Christ IS who He claimed to be, pandeists will suffer in hell for choosing not to believe in Him. They need to DEAL WITH the claims of Jesus Christ.