1. Long, long ago...nothing (absolutely nothing) became a tiny tiny dot of something.

2. Something exploded, yet "nothing" caused it -- nobody lit the match.

3. The explosion was precisely "right", with necessary actions happening in the right trillionth of a trillionth of a second enabling our universe to exist as it does.

4. Some of the spin-off planets and moons reversed their naturally-caused orbits.

5. What was nothing became a universe 14 billion light years across, (+ or -) populated with billions of galaxies having billions of stars in them, and on earth, dozens and many many dozens of  chemical elements needed for life to exist are in place. Magic everywhere!

6. A small cell began to come together somewhere on earth even though it could not have formed in water, nor without water, nor in an oxygen-containing atmosphere.

7. The protein elements organized themselves, putting a sort of shell or skin in place outside, including necesssary chemicals inside, and excluding all unnecessary
elements...because all this had to be in place before life would be able to survive in this cell.

8. The instruction manual of perhaps one half million "letters" (the DNA code) wrote  itself, excluding every single "left-handed" protein found in the mix, (otherwise... start over), all in proper, readable order, or the cell would not last long unless the code was available to reproduce itself. 

9. RNA appeared that could read the DNA instructions, carry the info to other "workers"  who appeared in the cell and translate the info for them.

10. Workers learned to read the RNA instructions AND perform a variety of complex tasks as assigned by the DNA/ RNA....but the cell is not yet alive???

11. Before decaying into uselessness, the cell also invented a way to duplicate itself! 

12. At the right moment, with all systems "go" the cell came to life. IT WAS MAGIC!  Why? Partly because a non-living cell cannot perform tasks 6-11, but a living cell without all systems working would not survive. It was magically precise TIMING plus impossibly technical creative tasks being performed by a brainless blob.

13. At this stage comes the magic of macro-evolution -- a change from one life form to another more complex life form. (We are not talking about changes within a species....such occur all the time.) In each case, (millions of times) hundreds of precise code changes or additions occured, and miraculously were not affected by the DNA's self correcting duplication system.  All new DNA information was automatically inserted into the code in just the right places.

14. Each of these DNA modifications that managed to survive must have occured TWICE at the same time and place (higher species) in order to allow for a romantic meeting, (leading to reproduction). Hmmmm... somebody might have had to pay the musicians overtime while waiting for just the right couples to find one another and be encouraged to mate.

Macroevolution has not been observed even ONCE!

So is it scientific, is it magic, or is it a myth?