(A parable based on truths that are more amazing than fiction....)

Our scientists have set up equipment to "listen" for patterns of sounds or other signals in outer space that would point to life or intelligence of some sort in the universe Well, the question and searching is not in vain... its very scientific answer has just been overlooked.

Pretend with me that our explorer space ships (if you will) have become more sophisticated than in the past...that technology now enables us to study "up close and personal" the worlds in another galaxy some 5 billion light years away. (That, by the way, is only about 1/3 the way to the edge of the known universe!) As the cameras and other sensory equipment land on not one, but many many planets in this galaxy, they discover the main features to be rock-like objects of sizes and shapes and colors of far more variation than on earth, including even some boxy, crystal-like shapes. As they begin to collect the rocklets (they are not just rocks), they find they are more flexible than earth rocks, as if the shape could be altered with pressure. But in all cases on each of the worlds being explored, they find that on the bottom of every rocklet there is a sort of sticky web that holds the rocklets onto the ground (they are fairly light...not as heavy as rocks). At first they just brush away the spider-webs to pull the rocklets up to collect them, like pulling hot cheese strings when you take a bite of your pizza. But upon closer examination under microscopes, they discover that the spider-webs are arranged in varying patterns that remind one of fingerprints in their uniqueness of variation. This is the first observation. The webs seem unique in pattern. (Will they come across one that says, "Some pig"?) But with further observation the microscope reveals that the greyish strings of the webs strands are two distinct shades of grey, almost like tiny, tiny beads strung onto a string, and the beads are of two sizes, small and longer, reminding one of the morse code dots and dashes. More study reveals that the webs can be unraveled if one starts with the center of the web, and that each of the starting few inches of the webs have a similar, but not identical pattern of colors and sizes of bits. At this point the scientists are elated. They THINK they are onto something. IT IS A PATTERN! But more shocks await them. In the lab, water is accidentally spilled onto one of the rocklets, and they find that the rocklet changes its depth of color even after the water is dried, and the rocklet expands. A long series of experiments with water follows, and one scientist chooses to compare the color patterns in the web with the color changes the water produces (lighter/darker), and finds there is a correlation. Light bead in the sequence leads to a lightening of the rocklet's color, and dark bead, darkening. And the degree of expansion is found to correlate to the size of bead bits, whether a little or a lot of growth at each spurt. And they also discover that when the lights in the lab go out, the rocks emit a glow... and total exclusion of light makes them glow brightly! The rocklets are seemingly alive and obviously programmed in their growth. It is further discovered that similarities in the webs match with similar colors, shapes and sizes of rocklets. It is now clear that the web is a MEANINGFUL pattern! It's almost like individual labels on the rocklets... Could the webs be the "fingerprints" of a designer?

Now...have you guessed the meaning of the parable? Scientists are looking for communication patterns that refer one back to an intelligent communicator in the wrong "worlds". The rocklet worlds I have spoken of refer (in a very loose, poor way) to our CELLS with their DNA, found in all life forms. And I have only hinted at the great complexity and organization involved in cells. DNA chains are instruction manuals, and the length for the simplest cell is a "string" of around 1/2 million bits of code...and for humans we are talking about 6 billion bits of amino acids that form meaningful, readable sequences of code using 4 kinds of "letters" that are formed with about 20 types of amino acids. But that is only the beginning of the story. The RNA knows to sort of mate with and "read" the DNA code; it then knows to transport the information to the enzymes in the main part of the cell; and those molecules just know they are to "read" the information off of the RNA by physical contact, (it reminds me of a photocopy process) and then go PERFORM a number of tasks that keep the cell functioning and replicating. We are talking about LANGUAGE communication and understanding; we are talking about specific, complex JOB FUNCTIONS on a miniscule level. Check out these animations of RNA action -- they are just fascinating! Also, google Fantastic Animation, DNA, to find another great visual at shown in real time. You will see from these animations that I have given you a very SIMPLIFIED picture of what goes is really going on in our cells.... the processes to me seem far more amazing than fiction!

Isn't it a bit ridiculous to suggest that a simple dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot sound byte discovery would make for headlines and hoorays, and "prove" INTELLIGENCE "out there"...but billions of such dots and dashes in a readable code "in there" do NOT require a creator??? Such complexity could not have happened without a programmer. Yes, there is intelligent life in outer space...the God who programmed the "inner space" DNA of every life form on earth is out there! Mystery solved.

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