1. Does the Jehovah's Witness organization deserve your unquestioning faith? Watch Tower of 4-1-72 identifies the organization as (collectively) God's "prophet" for today. Thus we should obey the Bible's commands to TEST prophets and beware of (false) prophets. We are asking you to be HONEST enough to obey these commands.

Here are some of the past prophecies of the organization:

Return of Christ in 1874 WT 1-3-23 p. 67

Resurrection in 1878 Thy Kingdom Come, p. 234

Return of Christ in 1914 WT Jan 15, 1892, pg. 22 and July 15, 1894 pg 226

Return of Christ in 1925 WT 9-1-22, p. 262, WT 1-1-25, pg. 3

Return of Christ in 1975 WT article, "Why are you Looking Forward to 1975?, 8-15-68

No space travel possible The Truth shall make you free, p. 285, 1943 edition

(there are others that could be listed)

2. Have you considered what these words of Christ mean? "If you believe not that I AM , you shall die in your sins."

John 8:24 This verse ties in to the Exodus 3:14 statement that JEHOVAH is the "I AM." The Septuagint version of the Bible translates both these verses and Deut. 32:39, and Isaiah 43:10 as "I AM"... "Ego Eimi" These 4 passages taken together tell us

undeniably that JEHOVAH IS JESUS! If you need more proof of this, consider the following.


Light                Isa. 60:20          Light                John 1:9, 8:12

Truth                Deut. 32:4          Truth                John 14:6

Our strength    Ps. 19:14          Our strength    Eph. 6:10

Faithful          Deut. 7:9             Faithful             Rev. 19:11

Healer          Ex. 15:26             Healer                Matt. 8:2-4

Worshipped Deut. 6:13          WORSHIPPED John 20:28

ONLY Savior Isa. 43:3,11       ONLY Savior    Acts 4:10-12

King of Kings Ps. 47:7             King of Kings    Rev. 17:14, 19:16

Lord (JEHOVAH) Deut. 6:4     Lord (JEHOVAH) Phil. 2:10-11

Alpha/Omega Rev. 21:6          Alpha/Omega    Rev. 1:7-8, 22:12-on

Beginning and End Rev. 21:6-7 Beginning and End Rev. 1:13,22

Mighty God    Isa. 10:21          Mighty God          Isa. 9:6

The ALMIGHTY Ge. 35:11    The ALMIGHTY Rev. 1:7-8

All powerful    Ps. 62:11          All powerful       John 17:2

Creator       Gen. 1:1                Creator             John 1:1, Col. 1:12-17

Judge       Ps. 96:13 `             Judge                II Tim. 4:1

Rock       Deut. 32:4                Rock                I Cor. 10:4

Good Shepherd Psalm 23    Good Shepherd   John 10:11

Redeemer Ps. 19:14             Redeemer       Titus 2:14

Sin Forgiver Mark. 2:7          Sin Forgiver       Mark. 2:5

Are you willing to believe Jesus is all that is stated above? That he is JEHOVAH-God? Phil. 2:9-13 says God has ALREADY exalted Jesus above every other being (that would include Himself) ...given Him a name above every other name, that at that name every knee SHOULD BOW and every tongue confess that He is "LORD" (Jehovah). Are you willing to worship Jesus as your Almighty Jehovah-God?

I realize there are many questions...many things you have been told that would stand in the way of such a conclusion. That's OK... If John 8:24 means what I think it means... you may be in grave danger and therefore you NEED TO SORT THIS OUT! ARE YOU WILLING TO ASK THOSE QUESTIONS? We believe we know what most of them are and that we have answers for them! (NWT, Firstborn, "trinity", John 1:1) If we did not feel confident in our position, we would not be posting this article! This is not an attack, it is a LOVING WARNING! We are more than happy to field your questions!