It may be the only view taught in our schools, but a recent Gallup poll shows that only 39% of Americans believe in evolution.(google Gallup poll, Darwin) Sounds like a topic worth DISCUSSING AND EVALUATING. This article presents what isn't "allowed" in school -- a critical look at the many facets of the theory, to see if it is fake or real. Because there are many great web sites that expose evolution fiction in scientific technical detail, this article is just an overview of the facets, facts, and fairy tales, with documentation.

Part I - The Fairy Tales vs. the Facts

Defining terms: All people believe in variation within a species. It is going beyond that barrier that we dispute --upward change from one species to another with added beneficial genetic information.

Fairy Tale #1

The prebiotic soup.  Life began in a warm pond-like setting teeming with just the right chemical balance of elements. 

The FactsScientists are now saying it probably wasn't a liquid because water would weaken the bonds...yet water is needed to MAKE the bonds to form the cell! So we start over. A dustbowl? Too fragile. An ooze-like situation? Still too wet. A clay-like environment? Nobody KNOWS! See www.theory-of-evolution.net (primordial soup myth, chapter 11)

And do we have the right building blocks in any environment for a cell to come together? Google this: Implausibility, prebiotic earth. The article The Implausibility of Metabolic Cycles on the Prebiotic Earth explains that the chances of all the right chemicals to obtain all the right reactions is pretty minimal to have occurred together on our early earth. About 250 proteins are needed to fully equip a simple cell; about 60,000 proteins are found in a human cell!!   (The odds of such a self-assembly are about 1 in ten to  4.4 million power...yet odds beyond one in ten to the 50th are considered by scientists to be "impossible".)


Fairy Tale #2 The earth's reducing atmosphere would have been conducive to formation of life.

The Facts: Visit Evolution-facts.org/Evolution-handbook/E-H-7b.htm Here it is explained that early earth could not have had a reducing (no oxygen) atmosphere. Early rocks show iron oxidation for one thing. Water has oxygen in it; water would have been needed for chemical reactions to occur. And with no oxygen, there would have been no ozone layer. With no ozone layer, ultraviolet light would have destroyed whatever life existed.  So why was a reducing atmosphere proposed?  Because scientists know that amino acids (for DNA formation) cannot survive in an atmosphere that contains oxygen.  In other words...life could not have formed with or without the oxygen atmosphere. 

Fairy tale #3:Upward changes have occurred, from simple to complex, primarily through mutations.

The Facts: No evidence of such has ever been observed. Rabbits don't mate with cats; cats don't mate with dogs; dogs don't mate with goats, etc. (or whatever would be above them). The simple definition of scientific truth is something that is observeable, testable, and repeatable. On this definition basis, upward evolution is not scientific fact. For it to occur, there would have to be no reproduction boundary lines between kinds of animals. The boundary lines do exist.

And mutations are usually harmful. Amino acid mutations are said to be 80% harmful. Induced fruit fly mutations have proven to be 99+% harmful!

Fairy tale #4 Darwin's concept of the cell was that it had 3 parts, the outer "skin"(ectoplasm), the nucleus, and the protoplasm...sort of like an egg looks to the naked eye. It wouldn't be too hard to picture three elements joining together to get the first cell. While evolutionists realize this is not the case, they still do not see this high complexity as a problem.

The Facts: The simplest cell is as complicated in its inner workings as a huge city, with its power systems, food distribution, communications, utilities, maintenance, to say nothing of replication! These systems are interdependent. (Picture for example, the 3 parts of the egg trying to get themselves together with all the bits of the shell on the outside, deciding to enclose the rest, possibly before life is even there, because life could not survive without the cell membrane's protection and food-gathering benefits.) See article at sainttalk.com Soup-to-Cell: Wanna Bet? See also www.allaboutscience.org.


Fairy tale #5: DNA instruction manuals came together by chance combinations of amino acids.

The Facts:The shortest cell DNA code is something like one half million "letters" long...it is in a specific order....divided into protein chains (genes) that carefully overlap one another. Parts of the DNA ladder are 100% "left handed"; others 100% "right handed" (called Chirality) the odds of such specific formation of information by chance are astronomically high. How can such lengthy instructions write themselves? www.earthage.org/intro/odds_of_evolution_by_chance Another part of this problem is missing "code" letters, because reducing sugars and amino acids placed together normally react, negating the availability of both! www.answers.com/topic/maillard-reaction

Fairy tale #6: The complex sysem functions of the simple cell began with the introduction of life.

The Facts: Setting aside the fact that no explanation for the beginning of life exists (apart from some sort of intelligent action), it should be obvious that matter doesn't read, translate, and reread coded matter....and then act on it. But DNA is a code that is read or copied by RNA, and RNA knows to carry the information to ribosomes in the main part of the cell, which know to "read" that info and go to perform numerous complicated, interdependent activities! How did all this "language" or code reading and job capability and activity come to be? It would have to have happened all in coordination at a given moment, as if an orchestra conductor gave the signal. Moreover, if humans can't replicate themselves asexually, how is it that simple cells can? Just a bit of intelligence involved, wouldn't you say? See www.thecellsdesign (from which the following paragraph is taken):

"For example, biochemists have discovered that many of the proteins that operate in the cell function as molecular-level machines. Remarkably, many of these molecular machines bear an eerie resemblance to man-made machines replete with drive shafts, cam shafts, turbines, clamps, lever arms, bushings, stators, and rotors. As I argue in The Cell's Design, these discoveries re-invigorate William Paley's Watchmaker argument".

Fairy tale #7. The fossil evidence, such as Archeopteryx, points to evolution over long long ages of time.

The Facts: Visit the site listed below(emporium) for information on Archeopteryx. IF evolution were true, literally thousands of transitional forms should be found along with the specific species. For example, where are the mice with 1/2 wings? 1/4 wings? 3/4 wings on their way to becoming bats? Such changes would require thousands of DNA changes of a SPECIFIC nature. The odds of random mutations accomplishing this are "nil".

Fairy tale #8. The Geologic (rock layers) indicate successive ages of time.

The Facts: There is only one 'place' you can find all the rock layers in order as shown in science textbooks.... and that is in the textbooks. Missing layers, layers out of order, are the norm in the outdoor world. The more they dig, the more problems surface. Creationwiki.org/geologicalcolumn has an article that details out of place layers, out of place fossils, out of place artifacts, and paraconformities....all problems for the dating of the geological column.


Fairy tale #9. The Dating Systems confirm the ancient ages of earth and life forms.

The Facts: Dating systems are built on several unproveable assumptions, one being that rates of change are CONSTANT. We don't know that. If there really was a worldwide flood that affected the earth in a catastrophic way... then rates cannot be said to be constant. True science is observeable... no one was back there all along to KNOW that rates of change were constant. Just google Problems, Carbon 14 Dating, and you will find many articles about it. The following quote is from www.detectingdesign.org :

"The troubles of the radiocarbon dating method are undeniably deep and serious. Despite 35 years of technological refinement and better understanding, the underlying assumptions have been strongly challenged.... It should be no surprise, then, that fully half of the dates are rejected. The wonder is, surely, that the remaining half comes out to be accepted. There are gross discrepancies, the chronology is uneven and relative, and the accepted dates are actually selected dates." (Robert E. Lee, Anthropological Journal of Canada, Vol. 19, no. 3, 1981, p.9)

Fairy Tale #10. The earliest life form was probably a simple bacterium cell.

The Facts: The oldest fossil found to date ini the cambrian layer isn't a bacterium, but a more complex comb jelly, dated at 540 million years old. The problem with this is that some say the earth wasn't conducive to life beginning until about 400 million years ago... but what's 140 million years among friends? www.apologetics.org (Comb Jellies article)

Fairy Tale #11 There are missing links that show the progression from chimp to man.

The facts: Many (from ape to man) have been proposed. Most all have been proven to be of no value (including two frauds, Piltdown man and Nebraska man). The three that remain are discussed at answersingenesis.org, and icr.org. It has been said that our closest relative, a chimp, is only 6% different from us genetically (I've also heard 2%). Wow, only a hop, skip and a jump! Or is it. The human body has 3 BILLION pairs of DNA code protein letters. Even if we adopt the 2% figure, that would be a needed upgrade of 60,000,000 SPECIFIC code changes (that's 60 million).

Fairy Tale #12 The tree of life gives us a view of how evolution progressed.

The Facts: Some evolutionists are now saying it may not have been a "tree" of life, but some bushes: Check out the site, www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi? This would mean life had to start over and over and then EACH bush slowly evolve into the various animal species separately....meaning we need far more time than has been proposed.

"Genome analyses are delivering unprecedented amounts of data from an abundance of organisms, raising expectations that in the near future, resolving the tree of life (TOL) will simply be a matter of data collection. However, recent analyses of some key clades in life's history have produced bushes and not resolved trees. The patterns observed in these clades are both important signals of biological history and symptoms of fundamental challenges that must be confronted." (site named above)

Fairy Tale #13. Age of the earth is perhaps 4 billion to 17 billion years.

The Facts: Proposed dates for an old earth (billions of years) are not proveable. There is wide variation among scientists on just what that old age is. Many indicators of young age exist which contradict the old earth ideas. One problem is short period comets, which is discussed at creationontheweb.com/content/view/141 Twenty-one other problems with this fairy tale are listed and discussed at earthage.org/youngearth/evidence_for_a_young_earth (One note: for info on the SUN, visit creationevidence.org, the article entitled, "The Heavens and Recent Creation")

Fairy tale #14 Given the great amount of time, evolution of all earth's species could have happened.

The Facts: Allowing for the earth to cool and become "just right" for life to evolve brings our time frame down to 400 million years by one scientist's estimate (IF we ignore Fairy tale #11's problem). That's not very long for the thousands and thousands of plant and animal, and fish and bird and bacteria-size life forms we find. Google Is There Enough Time? for an amazing article by that title on microbial life.

Fairy Tale #15 Most all scientists feel evolution is a theory that is VERY CLOSE to proven fact. Few true scientists deny evolution.

The Facts: A growing number of scientists are leaving the evolutionists ranks. I have heard there are thousands of them worldwide. For one partial listing of such scientists with earned doctorate degrees, visit. christiananswers.net/people, where this is discussed in detail.


Part II Why has the theory prevailed? An opinion: If there is no God (judge) to be accountable to...let's have a party. That's it in a nutshell. There are quotes from evolutionists who have said as much in other words. See creationism.org/articles/quotes


Part III Creation - an idea that fits the observeable evidence

Let's review some of the above issues and see how Biblical creation fits the evidence. The complexity of the cell in it's microscopic minuteness is evidence of a God who is master of the miniscule. The fossils show a pre-cambrian layer where there was virtually no life, followed by an explosion of varied and complex life forms. This would fit with the results of a world-wide flood. The fact that there is gradation from small to larger animals simply reveals who drowned first. The upheaval of sediment would account for such layering. The rock layers are also an end result of the flood catastrophe which may have included volcanic eruptions. We have observed evidence that such layers (from Mt. St. Helens eruption in the 80's) can be formed in days. The missing fossil evidence problem is downplayed by evolutionists because we can see general similarities between species (legs, heads, eyes, ears, hearts, etc.) These are merely evidence of a common creator, rather than a common "tree" (bush) of descent. And the DNA code seems to have God's "signature" WRITTEN all over it! It may take some faith to believe in a Creator, but it takes far far more to believe in (macro)evolution. Evolution? The facts say "no" and the odds say "no way!"

If any reader believes the above information is inaccurate, please contact us. We will be glad to make changes to this article to make this as accurate a presentation of the facts as possible! e-mail us at Sainttalk@cableone.net