The sunset reminds us we are all going on a journey..... "beyond the sunset".

To have no interest in preparing for that future trip

is shortsighted to say the least.


   We, therefore, feel religion and spiritual issues SHOULD be openly discussed. No one is going to want to "arrive" and THEN realize they chose the wrong path.  And being ready can change the whole picture for the journey itself.

   If you are interested in dialogue about Bible-related or religious topics, we'd love to visit with you. Here are some of our departments and articles to get your thoughts going....


* * *


Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?

BIBLE ABC: What's it all about?




Be Catholic?  No!   Click here



             Signs: Christ is coming soon         

           Purgatory Q & A           

The Afterlife Dialogue 

Afterlife Options

Guaranteed  Celestial Glory




Doubting Christians  

The Gay Gene




   Honest Questions for Honest Christians

   Does Baptism Save us?

   True  or False Gospel?

   Charismatic Extremes

   "Christian" False Prophets Deceive Millions


Jehovah's Witnesses 

   Honest Questions for Honest Jehovah's Witnesses

  Witnessing to Mormons and JWs

  False Prophecies of the Jehovah's Witnesses.



  Why not be a Mason?



   Unsinkable Faith for Mormons

   Honest questions for Honest Mormons

  Simple, Easy Witnessing to Mormons.

  Eternal progression

  Why I Believe in the Book of Mormon - about that Moroni 10:4 test

  Why Does Everybody Pick on Mormons?

 Seven Mormon Myths

New Age 

   Jiddu Krishnamurti - Warmed over new age guru





Roman Catholics: 

   Honest Questions for Honest Roman Catholics

   Purgatory Q and A

   How to Escape Purgatory

   Bread = Body? Wine = Blood?

   Indulgences And Treasury of Merit

   Veneration of Mary

   Peter the pope

    Witnessing to Roman Catholics



Seventh-Day Adventists

  The Investigative Judgment

  Sabbath Keeping



 The AFTERLIFE Dialogue 

 Can I Lose My Salvation?

 Who are SAINTS?

 Unpardonable Sin?

 Denomination Confusion?  

Imputed Righteousness (Study Page)

Identifying the One True Church

Sweat or Blood at Gethsemane

Forgiveness for Real?...!

The Lost Gospels

Young Earth? Old Earth? - Why Christians MUST take a stand!



  The Magic of Evolution

   Young Earth?  Old Earth?  Why Christians must take a stand!

   Evolution Fairy Tales 

   Life in Outer Space: Mystery Solved!

   Fun with a "Design" Puzzle

   Ape to Man -- About that 2% Difference



    Young Earth? Old Earth?

     Life in Outer Space: Mystery Solved!

     UFO's -- Alien Abduction Aborted

     Seeing God... Yes, there's evidence

     "Christian" False Prophets

      Is God Unjust

      Spiritual poison






Beyond the sunset there will be a sunrise for all of us. 

Where will your 'sunrise' be ?


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